We are glad you dropped by to check us out online. We hope your digital experience will give you a taste of who we are, why we have such a good time together and why we love Father God, one another and indeed all people so much – yes you included!

This page is an introduction to what you can expect at a typical gathering. If you choose to join us we will make every effort to treat you as part of our warm and loving family and to create an enjoyable experience for you as our guest.

So, next time you find yourself on a Sunday morning or Thursday Evening in the Powdersville/Easley area, just south of Greenville South Carolina, feel free to stop by and visit.

Thanks again for dropping by!

-The Family of Living Word

Worship is less about outward action and more about inner motive. When it comes to worshiping God the highest form is to simply imitate him.

As a community of believers when we Church together [Ekklesia] each has a psalm, a hymn, a song from the Spirit. We intentionally make room for every member of the body of Christ to participate in freedom of expression through song, music, dance, and other artistic communication. Some people flow with the Spirit using a pen some with a paint brush! All in all, our goal is to commune with God and each other and in that place to see that everyone is being built up into the fullness of the stature of Christ.

Occasionally our times of communion have been known to get a bit lengthy, feel free to bring water/juice and a snack if you need these things. There's no need to neglect the physical body.

Also, it is our belief that a better way for children to learn to walk in the things of the Kingdom is by actively participating in our times of communion. Therefore, children are encouraged to remain in the same place as the rest of the gathering and are free to pray, sing, dance, draw, etc just as everyone else.

From time to time we do have specific ministry for children. It is primarily through the parents that children are educated and mature in their relationship with God. We as fellow believers are only helpers to that end.

ALL THAT BEING SAID!!! We are not afraid of people being themselves and that includes children! You must be like a little child to come into the Kingdom, so childlike faith, expression, and innocence is most welcome!

So wear something comfortable, pack a snack if necessary, and come along for the ride!

*We do have a nursery area set up for parents of nursing infants with a changing area and a rocking chair. As well there's a window to still keep up with the flow of the meeting!