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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!


Living Word International is the global outreach ministry of Grace Author Rudi Louw and his wife Carmen. 

Hi, this is Rudi. We are glad you dropped by to check us out online. We hope your digital experience will give you a taste of who Carmen and I are, why we enjoy life in general, have such a good time in all our meetings, and why we love Father God, one another and indeed all people so much – yes you included!

This site serves as an introduction to us and as an online resource to all those interested in following and perhaps supporting our

progress in ministry.

Along with Facebook, this site is then also the place to find out about meetings, special events, and to locate resources ranging from books to videos to information on everything from the Simple Gospel of Grace we preach and what we believe about Hell, to what you can do to mobilize the gospel through us, or perhaps partner with us on a regular basis to enable us to keep going ourselves, as well as make resources available to all those desperate for enlightenment in the truth of the gospel and an intimate relationship with their Father God in the Holy Spirit.

We truly value your gracious ongoing support, or gift of any size!

If you do choose to join us in one of our upcoming events, please come and introduce yourself, we would just love to shake your hand in friendship, or perhaps hug you and treat you as part of our warm and loving family - because after all we do have but one Father, and you too stand fully embraced together with us by Him in His immense love for us all!

If you have any inquiries not answered somewhere on this site, please feel free to contact us!

Thanks again for dropping by!

-Rudi & Carmen Louw


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