5 things we want visitors to know about our Gatherings

We are glad to have you with us as we gather to Worship, Pray, and Grow as a group into the fullness of the stature of Christ! As you come into our gathering we want to make you aware of several things:

1. Gathering Order. We as spiritual believers give preeminence in our meetings to the direction of Holy Spirit. Because of this we may not always follow a prescribed ‘order of service’ as many churches are accustomed to doing. Please do not mistake this for lack of order! Be sure that those in the body who function as leaders are soberly and consciously leading through following God’s direction. However, apart from God-directed variations it is our practice to start our Sunday Gathering with a Welcome, Prayer, and then to proceed into musical ministry with Praise, Worship, and Exhortation to be followed by the ministry of preaching/teaching. It is also our practice to provide a time for those who wish to receive personal ministry to do so (Prayer, Counsel, Healing, etc). This may occur during/after music ministry or after word ministry.

2. Open Mic. Because we value liberty and love to see all the members of the body [of Christ] function we do have times during our meetings were the platform is open to anyone who has a testimony or word to share. If someone shares something that is a not right or orderly [in light of scripture and the rule of love] our leaders will handle the situation with kindness and gentle correction. If you feel like you have something to share and are not sure if the time is right please come towards the front and one of the leaders will be able to assist you!

3. Bathrooms/Refreshments. Our bathrooms are in the back of the building just down the hallway on your left as you enter. We also provide coffee and typically some kind of breakfast/snack item in our Kitchen. If you have need of these things during the Gathering time you are welcome to move to the back and get them. We ask that younger children be supervised with drink/food items and that you rejoin the main gathering as soon as possible so as not to miss anything!

4. Gathering Times. If our gathering times become extended (as they occasionally do) you are not obligated to stay the entire time! In many churches it is viewed as rude if someone gets up during a meeting and leaves, we however recognize that people have many obligations and emergencies that happen. If you need to leave early or step out for some reason please don’t be hindered on account of us. We have our gatherings as a means of opportunity to be edified and encouraged not to lock in 2 hours of your Sunday morning! Otherwise we do encourage everyone to hang around for the duration of even our longer meetings. These tend to be the times that people are most impacted!

5. Need Help? If you have a question just ask! If at any time you need help finding something or sorting something out feel free to stand in the back of the Gathering room with a quizzical stance and someone will approach to assist you. If you look like you need help you will get it!

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