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Books for Africa

Posted by Rudi Louw on May 24, 2019 at 11:40 AM

Hello friends,

We are asking for your immediate help with this project.

We are doing a 7 country Mission Trip in November 2019 and we need some books printed to be distributed to the ministers for use in their discipleship schools.

We would like to get about 600 books printed at $3.00 per book or $1,800.00 total.

Some of these books need to be printed NOW and sent to where they need to be ahead of our mission trip, especially to countries like Kenya and Zambia. We do not want to have take the books with us via plane; the airlines charge too much for extra luggage, and for exceeding the weight limits for the luggage.

Your donation of any amount towards this project will be greatly appreciated! Just mention that you are making the donation towards "Books for Africa" so we can be good stewards of the money.

Just find the "DONATE" button on our home page, or you are welcome to click on this link:

To mail us a check, make it out to Living Word International. Our mailing address is found on the "CONTACT" page, under the "Connect" tab. 

Thank you for your generocty! :)

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