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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

Appropriating Truth book

Confession of Sin Book

Equipped For Ministry book

Faith Inspired Obediencebook

Faiths fuel book

Faiths Vision book

Focus Your Faith Book

Fully Persuaded

God's Eternal Purpose Book

God's Inheritance in Book

God's Love for You Book

God's Measure Book

God's Revealed Plan Book

God's unfailing integrityboo

Grace Exceedingly Book

Jesus said I will build book

Living Free Book

Living in Fathers Embra Book

Multiply what you have Book

No Longer Looking for Book

Offspring of God Book

Perfect Praise Book

Reigning In Right Book 1

Reigning In Right Book 2

Reigning In Right Book 1&2

Resurrection Life Now book

Stewardship Gods Grace Book

You are Innocent Book

Zoe; People Full life Book

Grace Books

Book Spotlight

Faith's Vision:

See Yourself & See the World

the Way God Sees Us!

Book 1 of the "Helping the Believer to Appropriate Truth" Series.

Books Written By Rudi Louw.

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Appropriating Truth

Confession of Sin

Equipped for Ministry

Faith Inspired Obedience

Faith's Fuel

Faith's Vision

Focus Your Faith

Fully Persuaded

God's Eternal Purpose

God's Inheritance in You

God's Love for You

God's Measure Vs Man's Measure

God's Revealed Plan for Man

God's Unfailing Integrity!


Exceedingly Sufficient

Jesus Said:

"I will build my church"

Living Free

even Financially


in Your Father's Embrace

Multiply what you have in God!

No Longer Looking for Applause!

Offspring of God

Perfect Praise

Reigning in Righteousness Pt. 1

Reigning in Righteousness Pt. 2

Reigning In Righteousness *Combined 1 & 2

Resurrection Life Now

Stewardship of God's Grace

Unlimited Uninterrupted Friendship with God

Who is Your Father?

You are Innocent!

Zoe: A people full of the life and nature of God