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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

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Bringing The Glory Of Christ Jesus To Life In People;

His Love, His Life, His Person, His Power!

Living Word International is the global outreach ministry of Grace Author

Rudi Louw & his wife Carmen.

They travel & minister both locally & Internationally.

They function in the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18-21)

& flow strongly with the Holy Spirit & His anointing to preach, teach, prophecy, heal

& whatever is needed to touch people's lives with the reality of God's love & power.

God has given them keen insight into what He has to say to all mankind in the work of redemption, concerning the revelation of, & restoration of humanity's true identity as children of God, & therefore they emphasize the gospel, in Christ realities,

the grace of God, the word of righteousness, & all such eternal redemption truths

essential to salvation & living of the CHRIST-LIFE.

Through their ministry many people are set free from the poison & bondage of sin,

condemnation, & all kinds of intimidation

(upheld, strengthened, & reinforced by age old inaccurate religious ideas born out of ignorance), but not only that, many people are also brought into a closer,

more intimate relationship with Father God, as Daddy.

Their ministry is marked by accurate teaching & unveiling of the gospel message,

as well as accurate prophetic words, healings and miracles.

Needless to say, Rudi & Carmen are not acting as lone rangers, but as fully functioning members of the global body of Christ - they are closely knitted together with many other effective Christians, church fellowships, & groups of believers

who all share in the same revelation

& have the same passion as they do for Jesus

& His mission to restore Father God's lost kids back unto Him!

Rudi & Carmen are available to be scheduled for ministry, so even if you have not read any of their many books, but you want them to come to where you are,

anywhere in the world,

to give a talk, or to teach you & some of your friends about God's true gospel message

& these redemption realities,

simply contact them.