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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

Faith's Fuel

(Helping the believer to fully appropriate truth! Book 6)

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Paperback: $10.00

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All that God labored for, for you, what He accomplished for you, on your behalf, is exactly what He has in mind for you! God does not have in mind, a lesser value, a lesser measure of all that He worked for, for each one of us …for each one of you reading this book!

The only reason why some of us continue to live in a frustrated experience in our faith is simply because we have not yet fully laid a hold; fully grasped and believed all that He has worked for and accomplished in Christ Jesus!

God is not to blame if there is prevailing evidence in your spirit and in your life, in your testimony, of need and of lack! He says, “I have come that you might have LIFE, and have it more abundantly!” But you see, only within the light of what He accomplished do we find access into that life-quality that Jesus calls, “abundance.” That “abundance,” is our portion! …nothing less, amen! In this book I do my best to inspire you, not to settle for anything less than His faith, in your heart and life; than His “abundance!”

This is book number six in the series: Helping the believer to fully appropriate truth! There are 6 books a part of this series:

1. Faith’s Vision

2. Faith Inspired Obedience

3. Unfailing Integrity

4. Appropriating Truth

5. Multiply what you have in God

6. Faith’s fuel

This book is also a follow up to my book "God's Measure versus Man's Measure"