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Grace Exceedingly Sufficient:
Grace equals God's Power NOT God's forbearance
...putting up with our failures and excuses!

Grace Exceedingly Sufficient by author and pastor Rudi Louw of living word international powdersville sc piedmont greenville south carolina church fellowship
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So many people think that grace and mercy is basically the same word and can be used interchangeably, but they represent different concepts all together. Mercy flows out of grace and is an aspect of grace, but grace is so much more than mercy. Grace has nothing to do with overlooking and tolerating weakness. Grace has to do with God's total restoration and enablement of us to overcome the fall of Adam and all its consequences. The grace of God represents the complete work of redemption, from the incarnation to the ascension; it is all a powerful display of the grace of God in order to deliver us and break us out of bondage. Grace sets us free! Grace is God's sufficiency to enable us to overcome all contradiction. Everything God is and everything available to us in Him is an outflow of that grace; the full content of His heart towards us!