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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

Multiply what you have in God!:

As revelation grows in you, so will your ministry to others increase exponentially! (Helping the believer to fully appropriate truth!) (Volume 2)

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Paperback: $10.00

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This book is part of the series: Helping the believer to fully appropriate truth! The whole focus of the teaching in this series of books is to help the believer understand how to enter into the full benefit of what God has redeemed Man for …helping us to so comprehend and appreciate and apprehend and accommodate and appropriate everything that God has in mind for Man. We have witnessed in our own experience how often we have been robbed of the full weight of the Word …how often our experience in God was interrupted, and we began to think, ‘Well maybe it was meant to be like that. Maybe that full experience is only meant for the sweet by and by.’ But how, in fact, we have now come to a grasping of what God has purposed and accomplished in His Son’s work on our behalf, and in His gift to us of His Spirit and of the revelation of Truth, to support and sustain our daily encounter with Him. So therefore the focus of this book and the focus of this whole series of books are to help the believer fully appropriate God’s Truth in his and her personal experience of God.