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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

Reigning in Righteousness Part 2:

Regaining true spiritual authority by fully embracing your innocence!

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Kindle Price: $5.00

Paperback: $10.00

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If we preach the right gospel, we will see the right results! I am convinced that the gospel of God will not stay within the limits of this book, or within the limits of your heart either! I am convinced that it will break forth! I am convinced that it will multiply! I am sold on God's principle of multiplication! I am convinced that even through this book, God Himself will equip you! I am convinced that He is making us, through an accurate understanding and revelation in the gospel, He is making us competent ministers of the New Covenant! I am totally convinced that if you drink of this water, and you muse, and ponder, on what is said here, it will become within you a fountain of life …an artesian well that never will run dry ...rivers of living water will issue forth from your inner most being! Ha… ha… ha… I am totally convinced that the whole world will hear about the success of the cross! They will hear and know about the grace of God, and about what that grace successfully accomplished, on our behalf, and their behalf! I am totally convinced, because I know that the gift of God's grace, is out of all proportion, to Adam's wrong doing …and to Satan's power! It is out of all proportion! It's much larger! It's much bigger! It's much better! It's much more powerful, amen! Listen, the gospel is the power of God! God's truth and His love is revealed in it, and His integrity is behind it, amen! Therefore, God's power is directly attached to the gospel! He backs it up with power, amen! There is enough power in the gospel to set anyone free! It is out of all proportions powerful! Ha… ha… ha… Just as much as light is out of all proportions more powerful than darkness! The gospel is much more powerful than all the forces of darkness combined! The minute you turn on the light, darkness flees, amen! When the light comes, when the truth of the gospel dawns on someone's heart, darkness has to go! Ha… ha… ha… It has to go! It has no choice! Hallelujah!