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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

The Gospel In 3D

What if the love of God runs much deeper and the gospel is much better, much more beautiful than you ever thought?

What if all our religious ideas of penalty and restitution owed, and the whole concept about sacrifice required, and judgment, and substitution, are inaccurate?

What if God's gospel is actually much different from the gospel we grew up with?

What if in the trial of the ages, in which Satan the Accuser, tried to accuse us before the Godhead, had his case dismantled and thrown out of court; when it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were innocent to begin with, and that his whole case against us was based on lies and deception?

What if in the trial of the ages, we are not the ones standing on trial for our lives before the Godhead, with Jesus as our advocate fighting our case in court before the Judge of the Universe, trying to get us of the hook before God the Father?

What if Jesus is not an advocate before the Father, but a PARACLETOS instead, a Great Comforter who is one with the Father, and working alongside the Father, to persuade us and convince us of the Godhead’s undying love for us, and our eternal innocence and oneness with them?

What if in the trial of the ages, we, with the help of the father of lies himself, are the judges and the Godhead is standing before us, pleading their case with us, appealing to us to release Them out of our false imprisonment of Them; to free Them from the restrictive cages we have built and constructed in our minds, to try and box Them in with, in the zoo of our inferior thinking and inaccurate definitions and philosophies and beliefs about Them?

What if God is not the bloodthirsty judge who demands justice that we have made Him out to be, but is instead in all reality a loving father who simply wants to rescue His kidnapped kids and restore their original identity to them; in a genuine full embrace and caring intimate relationship of oneness and equality, based on real love?

What if God didn't need to be reconciled to the world, but instead the wayward world needed to be reconciled to God?

What if we were to find out that the times of our ignorance have been overlooked by the Godhead, because They have never stopped loving us?

What if our innocence is not actually based on our forgiveness; but what if instead our forgiveness, bought and paid for, was based on our innocence all along?

What if our forgiveness and innocence is not based on the slaying of the Lamb, but instead what if the Lamb was as good as slain from before the foundation of the world, because the Godhead knew what They would need to come and do to win our hearts back to Them and to rescue our minds from the lies we have believed about Them, about ourselves, and about the rest of the human race?

What if the New Covenant Jesus came to introduce may be new to us, but is in fact the oldest of all Covenant Agreements ever entered into?

What if the New Covenant, is not at all like the Old, Fall and Law based Covenant, between Man and God, in which Man has to do his part, before God could bless him?

What if the New Covenant is not between Man and God at all; what if the New Covenant Communion and COINONIA and fellowship we are invited into, to participate in and enjoy, is actually an agreement made within the Godhead, before time began, based on a conclusion reached within the Godhead, without our knowledge and permission, but which is totally to our benefit?

What if the love of God for us is actually bigger than we have ever realized, actually bigger than our Fall into darkness? What if God has never stopped loving us? What if God has always loved us, in spite of the Fall?

What if God already found us, and established us, and located us IN CHRIST, before we ever lost our way in Adam?

What if people actually live in some sort of Hell of their own making already and may one day, when they step through deaths door into the eternal realm, continue in a more intense version of the same, even if they don't have to?

What if God never had Hell in mind for any of us? What if Hell was not intended for any of us?

These questions and their profound conclusions are the content of our message and book ministry. In our every interaction with people, whether by book or in person, our ultimate desire is to clear up all confusion that may exist about OUR (mankind's) true identity, (yes, YOURS included), and for ALL PEOPLE to then also realize at the same time and comprehend IN FULL the entire Godhead's IMMENSE LOVE FOR THEM (Yes, YOU are included in that statement) so that they (and you) might not only have an experience of a lifetime encounter with God, but begin to enjoy a lifetime full of experiences and adventures with God, living life out of oneness with the Godhead.

Hey, the good news is that “God chose us in Christ, before the KATABALO, before the fall of the world even, to be holy and without blame before Him, in love! Thus, in love it was His eternal choice for us to always exist in a state of innocence! In love He designed us and jointly formed us in the image of the Son, to enjoy the exact same intimate love relationship the Son enjoy within the Godhead! In His love for us He predestined us to grow into maturity in our relationship with Him, through insight, understanding and comprehension into the Son. Thus, in His love for us He predestined us to awaken to the fullness of the Godhead's love for us, and mature into the full reflection and expression of that love relationship, in our relationship with Them, and with the rest of our brothers and sisters that make up the human race! Hey the whole of creation is meant to benefit from our abiding in the Godhead and their love alive within us!” - Ephesians 1:4-5; Romans 8:19.

Christ Is All! ...& In Us All!

Paul says in any translation of your choice, you can go and read it for yourself there, (you don't even need the Mirror Study Bible for that, ha... ha... ha...

And just as a side note here: I am not putting the Mirror Study Bible above every other translation out there, as if the other translations are in some kind of competition with it! Although, I do enjoy reading the Mirror Study Bible a lot, and I love the way the Greek Text is broken down in it, in order to help us comprehend more fully what God through Paul was actually saying! But, as far as all the translations of the Scriptures go, including the Mirror Study Bible, I love and appreciate and honor the sacrifices of every person who has ever laid down their lives and ever attempted to translate the Scriptures. So, I read them all! Of course there are some I prefer more than others, like the RSV and the Mirror Study Bible, but only because as I said before, the heart of God and the revelation of the New Testament comes out a little clearer in them, and yet I still read them alongside all the other translations.)

Paul says in Romans 1:19, (and he makes one of the most powerful statements in the entire Book), he says,

“Whatever can be known of God is manifest...”


In outer space somewhere?

Out in the future somewhere perhaps?

Or, perhaps in a wonderful historic description of God's promises, and the prophetic significance of every prophet, and of the psalms, and then ultimately in Jesus?

No, he says, “Whatever can be known of God is manifest IN MAN.”

Christ ...where?

IN YOU ...that is the hope of Glory!

Hey Jesus didn't warn us not to see Him in too many people, but rather, not to miss Him in the most unlikely!

“For whatever you do unto the least of these (in your estimate perhaps, but not Mine) you have done it unto ME!” - Matthew 25:40.

“From now on therefore, I no longer know anyone, according to the flesh (or from an inferior point of view).” - 2 Corinthians 5:16.

“God said to me, 'What I have cleansed, I have cleansed! You may no longer call anyone unclean, unfit or unholy.'” - Acts 10:14-15 & 28.


Because God has a different more accurate reference!

And God's forbearance or His ANAECHO, the constant unchanging upward ECHO of our design is His reference!

God is not moved by our KATAECHO, by our downward opinion of ourselves, derived at in the fall, and then developed, reinforced and promoted through generations upon generations!

This is exactly what James is referring to then in his letter to us, when he sets us up, in the context of the “Father of light,” who gave birth to us, and in whom is no shadow or variation of turning, James says, we need to comprehend that God gave birth to us by the word of truth; truth so eternal, it cannot be interfered with, or become of no effect.

James calls it the perfect law; the law of perfect liberty – the mirror of our birth!

What does that say about you?

You are God's offspring; His masterpiece; His mirror-image; that's the truth about you! That's what it says about you!

Look into the mirror of His word of truth that begot you, and see what manner of man you really are – revealing, not what you lack, but what you already have!

That image of you revealed there is not a cross-my-fingers and hope for the better kind of an image!

Jesus himself says to us, “Hey, continue in My word; that's what makes you My disciples indeed...”

Where did that word originate from and begin?

Before time was!

“That which was from the beginning, which we have seen, which we have heard, and our hands have handled; that word of LIFE we NOW proclaim to you, so that you may have fellowship with us, and with the Father, and with His Son, and with the Holy Spirit, so that your joy may be full!” - 1 John 1:1-4. (Read also John 1:1-4.)

1 John 1:5 makes it clear:

“This is the message we have heard directly from Jesus, and declare to you, 'God is light, and that means that in Him is no darkness whatsoever!'”

God speaks the truth and in Him is no lie whatsoever!

That truth of God was sustained throughout the prophetic age, and it was concluded in the fullness of time, in Jesus; the truth concerning YOU!

In our western society today, and all over the world for that matter, we celebrate the Christian Calendar, declaring that in one moment God interrupted human history and human thought and reasoning, and human religious opinion, and thus He made B.C. (that period of time before Christ) a past tense history! And He came and announced a new day, a new language; a new belief system!


Because, in Christ Jesus, God married eternity with our time, and He merged it into one!

Now indeed, the old things have passed away; the entire cosmos has been made new again!

Behold, He says, everything has become new! - 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Now, we must understand that all these things are of God! This whole revelation and rescue act of God is God's doing, we had nothing to do with it, except to comprehend it and embrace it and rejoice in it, and celebrate, and enjoy it all! (That's our only contribution). - 2 Corinthians 5:18.

I dare you, I double dog dare you, ha... ha... ha... to now discover the new in everything! everyone! ...before they even know it!

...and make it known to them!

...unveil Him to them, boldly!

...unveil them to themselves, boldly!

Come on man, flush the old recipes!

I mean, it's a crying shame; it is one of the biggest crimes in Christianity that we have made a whole gospel out of Romans 3:23, when there is no gospel to be found there! Hey, there is no good news in Romans 3:23; all the good news is in verse 24!

I say again: We have made a whole new gospel that is not God's gospel out of Romans 3:23, and John 1:12, and that has become our gospel now!

But, there is no good news there, only works and performance and my own religious efforts, in order to try and save myself, and hopefully to make it into Heaven and avoid Hell-fire!

What we have done is we have made faith a difficult thing and so we have made salvation an almost impossible thing for people to obtain!

There is no good news in Romans 3:23 and in a gospel that revolves around you having to save yourself, or trying to get saved!

John 1:12 is indeed full of good news, but only IF you understand the Greek correctly. (And if you don't, I suggest you get yourself the Mirror Study Bible for that, ha... ha... ha...)

So Paul says, in Romans 1:19 that,

“Whatever can be known of God is manifest IN MAN.”

But then Paul had to regress from that and lay it all out more clearly, because what do we see?

We see how people have become totally absorbed with, and consumed by, a distorted pattern of themselves, where they believed a lie about themselves for so long, that the lie began to define them.

And so, Paul had to regress and explain things, and he made it very clear there, and so there in Romans 3:21 Paul says,

“But now the righteousness of God is unveiled,”

He says, “It's unveiled apart from the law, so let's get back to the revelation of all revelations that is bigger than the fall, and bigger than the law!”

In God's gospel we are dealing with the unveiling, not of how sinful you are, and downtrodden you are, and how depressed and defeated you are, and how abused you were up to now, and whatever else your past may have, and hold, and present as a testimony and accusation against you!

No, hey, the same all that lost their way in Adam and went astray like sheep, and lost sight of the glory, trapped in all the fall represents, is the same all that were justified and glorified again, freely, by God's grace, in the appearing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; our successful redemption is now a reality!

Listen; No matter what your own past may have, and hold, and present to your conscience as a testimony against you; as an accusation against you, the apostle John says,

“Beloved, even if our hearts condemn us, God is greater than our hearts; for He knows all things (He knows full well what Jesus and His cross, resurrection and ascension represents, when it comes to YOU!)” - 1 John 3:20.

Hey, there is a greater testimony concerning you than the fall; than even your own heart may know about and agree with!

There is a greater testimony over your life, and it is God's testimony concerning you, and that testimony is unveiled in Christ Jesus, and therefore also in the gospel! - 1 John 5:9.

You see, God wants to show us a harvest of good things that is already ripe, because the one you were waiting for to appear, that harvest you were waiting for, is just the fruit of your own labor, and nothing to get excited about!

You may want to partake of that harvest, thinking it's a good thing, but that harvest will wear off soon enough, and leave you hungry again!

It's the fruit of the wrong tree! It will never satisfy, in fact it will exhaust and frustrate you and only leave you arrogant and bitter!

But if you lift up your eyes, another tree is being presented to you; the tree of life - the cross of Calvary!

Jesus, and the redemption of your worth and of your value He accomplished, is the tree of life, and if you partake of that tree, instead of the other one, you will never go hungry again!

So, come on, lift up your eyes, ANA-ECHO, look away from that with which you have been so entertained with in your downward reference of yourself, and engage again with the thoughts of God instead!

Relocate yourself mentally! Fully engage your thoughts with throne-room realities!

Again, when James, the brother of Jesus, who finally also saw the truth Jesus came to reveal, the truth of who he, James, really is, when he speaks about this context of the word of truth that gave birth to us, he says, “If any man hears this word, he sees himself, as in a mirror ...not as in a display-window, which would mean, a potential me ...if I go through these steps my religion prescribes to me, no, no, no, I see my true self, who I really am by God's design, as in a mirror!”

Let me tell you, there is an authority in that voice of truth, the voice of your origin, the voice of your authentic design, which God desires to engage you with, and that carries more authority, more power, than anything that you may have encountered in your past, or may still be in the grip of at present.

You see; when we are overcome by various contradictions to the word of truth, and many troubles besets us, and lay siege to us, then what happens? Then suddenly this bold joy over the truth seems to dwindle.

But James says, “Count it all joy, make the proper calculation of truth, and let it conclude in joy!”

Now that sounds nice, but it also sounds complicated.

The word James uses in the Greek is the word, HEGEOMAI which is the strengthened form of the word AGOO.

That word AGOO is part of the root that make up the word, AGAPE. Now that word AGAPE, or the LOVE of God, when broken into its components, AGOO and PAO, literally means, as a shepherd leads His sheep to rest.

This word James uses here, HEGEOMAI is a strengthened form of that!

It means: to officially appoint the LOVE of God in a position of authority!

It therefore implies that, because of what the LOVE of God communicates to you about you, AS ULTIMATE TRUTH, to therefore also find yourself officially appointed in a position of authority, because of that TRUTH!

The picture there is of a soldier that is ranked with authority; he might look exactly like he did before without the rank, same guy, on the outside nothing may have changed, but in his heart he now recognizes himself to have a rank that now distinguishes his authority.

So James says, “Give the TRUTH, give the LOVE of God, and therefore give JOY a distinguished authority in your life!”

Let JOY have the final say!

Why? Where does this JOY come from?

No, no, no, ha... ha... ha... it's not the fake it until you make it kind! This joy has an unshakable reference!

James says, “Let JOY have distinguished authority, or the kind of authority that stands out as a significant force that has to be reckoned with, and cannot be easily undermined, KNOWING THAT your faith is beyond challenge!”

The truth we have embraced cannot be challenged!

God's ultimate TRUTH, concerning who you are, stands for itself and speaks for itself! leads you into peace and joy!

Hey our JOY is not something we have to try and manufacture; it's the fruit of something we know!

As I said before: We are glowing from knowing!

“KNOWING that the challenge to your faith produces something; it causes something to rise up from the inside of you to meet and defeat the challenge head on!

The challenge to your faith produces something that cannot be bought over the counter; nobody can lay hands on you for it! It is called: STEADFASTNESS!”

Where does this forbearance come from; this steadfastness?

Where does this ANAECHO come from; this ECHO in my spirit, in my heart – this UPWARD ECHO, where does it come from?

It's an ECHO of TRUTH!


And that KNOWING; that ECHO from God I hear with my spiritual ears, carries more authority than the voice of contradiction!

And so James says, “Let steadfastness, let that ANA-ECHO have its full effect, so that you may remain perfect, and complete; lacking in nothing!”

The things most all religions have taught us are nonsense!

They have tried to interpret these verses and they have tried to say, “Oh, you know, you kind of have to go through all these things; God sent them, or, He is allowing them, so that God can use them to perfect you, and complete you!”

No, no, no, they have confused the voice of God with the voice of the devil, and with circumstances, and totally overlook that all essential already lacking in nothing part!

Hey, that mentality of theirs is partaking again of the wrong tree my friends!

They clearly forgot that God and the thief is not the same person!

Jesus made the difference between what is of God and what is of the devil, the DIABOLOS, that which is of the fall, very plain, when He said in John 10:10, “The thief comes but to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that you might have LIFE, and have it more abundantly!”

I hope you can now clearly see and begin to discern for yourself the difference between the 2 systems operating in the world today; the law of works, compared to the faith of God ...or, the law of your own performance, compared to the persuasion of God.

I love the way those verses in James are translated in the Mirror Study Bible:

1:3 Herein lies the secret: Joy is not something you have to fake, it is the fruit of what your faith KNOWS to be TRUE about you!

You therefore know that the proof of your faith results in the kind of persuasion that remains constant, even in contradiction.

1:4 Steadfastness (the ANAECHO) provides you with a constant environment, (just like a mother hen patiently broods over her eggs), and so patience prevails, and proves your perfection; how entirely whole you already are and therefore without any shortfall.

O yes, make no mistake, it means exactly what it says: You are perfect to begin with.

Otherwise you are not quite seated in heavenly places yet!

Otherwise your sanctification working its way out in you, and out from you, could possibly improve your standing before God!

But hey no, it doesn't!

Remember 1 Corinthians 1:30?

“Of God's doing are you in Christ Jesus, who has become unto us wisdom from above; our entire righteousness, and holiness, and sanctification also – our total redemption!”

Hey, these things may sound strange to you, and unacceptable to the legalistic religious mind, but they are never the less true and worth repeating, so let me repeat some of it again, because I want it to sink in; we cannot hear and meditate on these truths enough:

James, says to us, very boldly there in James 1:4, “LET the STEADFASTNESS of God's TRUTH and God's FAITH have its perfect work in you!”

The Mirror Study Bible says:

1:4 Steadfastness (the ANAECHO of God) provides you with a constant environment, (just like a mother hen patiently broods over her eggs), and so patience prevails, and proves your perfection; how entirely whole you already are, and therefore, without any shortfall.

In other words: You are perfect to begin with. Otherwise you are not quite seated in heavenly places yet!

Otherwise your sanctification working its way out in you, and out from you, could possibly improve your standing before God! But it doesn't!


Because, “Of God's doing are you in Christ Jesus, who has become unto you wisdom from above; your entire righteousness, and holiness, and sanctification also – your total redemption!” - 1 Corinthians 1:30.

I say again: You don't get there through disciplined efforts, or yet another more sincere decision, and another more determined re-dedication, to try even a bit harder next time, until this thing finally takes and it works for you!

No! You need to accept that YOU are IN CHRIST by God's design!

He is your very blueprint!

You were associated IN CHRIST before the foundation of the world! - Ephesians 1:4.

That's why He alone could fully represent you, and why you were IN HIM when He died, and was raised, and ascended!

You were, and are still, fully represented IN HIM.

You are seated WITH HIM in heavenly places, because you are IN HIM!

You are IN HIM still to this very day!

You do not jump in and out of Christ!

You did not put yourself there, and therefore you cannot remove yourself from God's equation!

As far as God's concerned you are IN CHRIST!

God sees you IN CHRIST!

So, you are, and remain to this day, IN CHRIST!

John 1:2-4, “He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made – including you! In Him was life, and that life (that original blueprint design) was the light of all mankind – including you!”

Colossians 1:15-17 says,

The Son is the very image and likeness of the invisible God; the firstborn over all creation (In other words: He is the very blueprint behind all of creation). For IN HIM all things were created: the things in heaven and on earth, both visible and invisible – flesh and spirit. (Even the high and mighty thrones, powers, rulers, and authorities that have set up their strongholds in the world, and prefer to ignore Him); yes, all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and IN HIM all things hold together.”

Hey; you live and move and have your very being IN HIM!

Jesus Christ remains the most current, relevant and pivotal message of all time!

Hebrews 1 makes it clear that HE IS the language of God!

He is indeed THE WORD that was introduced; that EXACT WORD that was from the beginning face to face with God.

The SON is that word.

HE reveals our ultimate original identity in totality!

That identity; our sonship, the fact that we too are His offspring, is the culmination of everything the Father ever wanted to say and communicate to us, for us to grasp!

Nothing in Jesus distracts from God, from who He is, and nothing in Jesus distracts from our authentic original design!

He is the fullness of God and Man in one body!

The Father of all mankind has us all wrapped up IN HIM!

The sum total of all man-made philosophical thought and contemplation could never match or replace Him!

He is indeed beyond the principle of promise; He gives personality and person to every detail of the ancient prophetic hopes and declarations!

He is indeed the very One in whom all things exist!

He most certainly completes all of mankind's every expectation!

IN HIM the image and likeness of God is made visible IN HUMAN FORM and in HUMAN LIFE, in order that every single one of us may recognize our own true origin IN HIM.

He is indeed the first born, preeminent blueprint, of every creature; what darkness veiled from us, He unveiled!

IN HIM we clearly see the very mirror reflection of our original life!

Jesus, the son of God's love, gives absolute accurate evidence of God's image and likeness in human form.

That's why God can never again be invisible!

Not only does He give life breath and all other things to every single one of us, but IN HIM we live and move and have our existence; our very being!

And Paul wasn't even the one who said it first there in Acts 17:28, no, Paul was quoting Aratus, a Greek philosopher, who concluded for himself 300 and some years before Paul also concurred the same that, we are all indeed God's offspring!

They both understood this to be the absolute truth about us!

Jesus confirmed it too. He was talking about His own death and resurrection and ascension and said, “In that day, you will KNOW (you will finally grasp and comprehend and understand) that I am IN My Father, and you IN ME, and I IN YOU!” - John 14:20.

That's why John then also said in 1 John 5:20, “We all KNOW (It's an indisputable, undeniable, historic fact) that the Son of God has come, and He has come to give all of us understanding, so that YOU may (truly and intimately) KNOW Him who is true, and (at the same time discover that) YOU also are IN HIM who is true!”

Those two words: IN HIM, or IN CHRIST are absolutely the pin code to the entire Bible; the very key which unlocks the whole message of the Book to you! Those two words, IN HIM, or IN CHRIST are the words that unlocks the mystery of the message, the revelation of it, and the heart of the gospel to you!

So, Father God sees you in Jesus, He sees us all, all of humanity in Jesus, still till this very day!

He doesn't see us any other way!

And so Paul then also boldly declared that eternal truth that “Christ IS all, and IN all!”

How wonderful!

But now, being IN CHRIST, being IN HIM doesn't mean anything, unless you fully engage the Godhead in the romance of the ages!

Jesus gave us the assurance that,

“If you fall in love with Me, it's My Father's word IN ME that impacted you, and that can only lead to LOVE, and more LOVE; (to the dance and romance of the ages becoming real to you) – both my Father and I will then begin to make ourselves at home within you; within your inner most being!” - John 14:23.

You see; for the children of Israel escaping Egypt, (as well as for us), only entering in and possessing what was promised, spells TRUE FREEDOM!

The author of Hebrews makes it clear:

Even though they already escaped Egypt, most of Israel died in the desert, on the wrong side of the promise, because of unbelief!

They failed to ENTER the promise! They failed to ENTER what was actually theirs!

Then Hebrews 4:1-2 goes on to say,

”Therefore, since the promise of ENTERING HIS REST still stands to this very day, let us not also FAIL TO ENTER that which is ours IN CHRIST, just like they failed to enter what was their inheritance, because of their unbelief!”

Verse 2, “For we also have had good news proclaimed to us, just like they had their own kind of good news proclaimed to them; but the message they heard was of no value to them; it meant NOTHING, because they did not embrace God's faith.”

They preferred to remain trapped in a slave mentality; they held onto an orphan spirit, an inferior identity of themselves, allowing their fears, and the lies they had believed about themselves and lived for so long already, to rule them, even when God already made them free, and declared them free, and saw them as free people, slave to nothing and no one; children of God, perfect, entirely whole, without any shortfall; lacking in nothing!

You see; they continued to see and believe themselves to be mere grasshoppers, when God saw them as more than conquerors!

So let me repeat myself, CHRIST IN YOU means NOTHING to you still buried in your backyard, MEANS NOTHING TO YOU, while it remains undiscovered, or worse, being ignored, and left sitting there, buried, not being turned into currency!

If a person does that, even if CHRIST IS IN THEM, and they are IN CHRIST, they will remain poor, and go around in circles, and get nowhere, just like the children of Israel did in the desert of unbelief, and eventually, remember what happened to them: They all died in their poverty my friends, even though the Rock, which is CHRIST was with them every step of the way and followed them around in the desert; CHRIST was inseparably linked to them, yet they all died in the desert – remaining outside the land of promise because of their prevailing unbelief!

Being IN CHRIST means absolutely NOTHING to you, unless you fully embrace the love of God for you and ENTER into the romance of the ages and you kiss back ...the Father, Son, and Spirit making themselves at home within your inner most being!

SALVATION is of no benefit to you, unless you embrace fully your ultimate original design; enjoying that divine dance of romance with the Godhead, which you were originally ultimately designed for!

You are already fully included, now feel and BE included!

Jesus died your death, and He went down into your hell, and you were IN HIM who is true when it happened!

And from there He co-quickened you, and co-raised you to newness of life! You co-ascended; you are co-seated and in verse 4 of Colossians 3 (especially made clear and stated exactly that way in the Mirror Study Bible) you are also co-revealed now!

Hey this is oh so good, and it just doesn't stop!

Whenever Christ, who is your life now, is revealed from out of you, you are co-revealed with Him, in glory!

You share the same glory!

His glory is yours!

The very “glory” we lost is restored!

Christ has become our life now!

Now to live by the faith of the son of God means, to live in the consciousness of the same sonship and fellowship Jesus enjoys!

We come with a message of love that is awesome and great; it's the gift of His Spirit, imparted; conquering all darkness; all hades!

Because, as you grasp and as you embrace the gospel there is a fusion into one that happens!

You are made one Spirit with Him!

And so now, as He is, so are you, in this world!

We are not talking about heaven one day; we are not talking about that other world to come now; that will follow later!

But, “As He is, so are we, IN THIS WORLD!” - I John 4:17.

Let's just read James 1:4 again, because it is so good and so clear in the Mirror Study Bible:

1:4 ...patience (or steadfastness – the ANAECHO of God) prevails, and PROVES your perfection; how entirely whole you are – without any shortfall!

But the temptation or trial wants to tell you how incomplete you are, how immature you are, and you are just going to have to give in and go with it, and allow it to have its way with you! But, don't give in to it; don't buy its lies!

Don't let anxiety, or the latest news, or circumstance, dictate to you and become your conversation!

Don't let it dictate your conversation!

King David gave us some good advice: “Return to your rest oh my soul!” he said, “For the Lord has dealt bountifully with you!”

Paul then quoted him a 1000 years later and said, “We have the same spirit of faith as he had who wrote: 'I believe and so I speak!' Thus we believe as well,” says Paul, “...and so we also speak!”

And now here I am 2000 and some years later after Paul, and 3000 and some years after David, quoting both of them, yet again, because JOY and PEACE can only be found in BELIEVING!

Thus, I too have believed, and so I speak!

Hey, you too, let God's bountiful dealing with you IN CHRIST inspire your faith, and inspire your thoughts and conversation!

We truly can afford ourselves the luxury to entertain the thoughts of God, concerning us, exclusively!

Jesus is indeed God's mind made up about humanity, and about YOU! (This quote was taken from the book, “God Believes In You!” by Francois Du Toit. I highly recommend that one to you as well!)

I wish I could just etch this in your memory or burn it into your conscience: You cannot become more one with Him, or more complete either!

Oh don't get me wrong, you can grow in your comprehension of it, and grasp it on a deeper emotional spirit level; you can grow in intimacy and romance; but you cannot become more one with Him, or more complete than you already are!

Nothing you can do in the here and now or in the far future even, can qualify you more, for any of these things, to enjoy it in your own experience, than this very moment, reading and studying this very page, and hopefully finally comprehending and embracing the gospel for yourself!

Engage with His thoughts!

Engage with His gaze! He delights Himself in you!

While the other religious judgmental brother in Luke 15 was so busy condemning and pointing fingers at his brother living with the pigs, the father wasn't engaged in the same thing; he didn't waste his time and energy with that!

No, the father was too busy searching for his lost, confused, and hurt son, to bother with such nonsense!

Nonsense? Yes, nonsense! To a father's heart, to a true father, to that kind of love it is nonsense!

Love does not acknowledge sin in all its ugliness!

It doesn't deserve love's attention!

Love refuses to give it the time of day! Love is not preoccupied with sin; it does not make sin its focus; Love is too preoccupied with something else, for that!

Love is preoccupied with finding and rescuing and embracing that confused, lost and hurt child!

And so you see, in the man, Jesus Christ, God our Father came in person, and He went into our pigsty, our fallen existence, our hell, and He came in person to rescue us, and to embrace us again in a full embrace, and so, Jesus's return to the Father, is our return to the Father!

So, you my friend are not lost anymore; you have been found and you are now embraced again with a double embrace!

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you Father!

...ABBA Father, Daddy God, we salute you!

Thank you for the gospel!

Thank you Holy Spirit for revealing these things in us to us!

Thank you Lord!

I remember, so many times in Africa, in my growing up years, we would go out on Safari, and you know, you came there as a guest with this loaded expectation.

I mean, you absolutely want to see for yourself, if not all of the big five (Elephant, Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Lion, Leopard), then at least most of them, as many as possible, and if not, then at least make it some of the other big cats, like Cheetahs for instance.

I always thought it would be fabulous to become a guide in one of those game reserves, because they had the privilege of driving and steering their guests and bringing them into a spectacular sighting.

Do you know what the best thing then is for a guide to do, once they reach the spot where the sighting takes place?

Is it to open one of their big college books on biology, and to start throwing out the most complicated biological terms and Latin words they can find, to impress us with themselves, and with all their knowledge and schooling?

Ha... ha... ha... No, no, no, that becomes the time for them to get out of the way and to perhaps just say, “Now you go ahead, and enjoy, and take your own pictures and make your own memories!”

And this, my friends, is ultimately really the job description of a safari guide, and of a true minister of the gospel.

We are not to try and manufacture and fake a lion's roar, and then try and say, “Did you here that, wasn't that amazing?!”

No, no, man, come on, do your job, and do it right!

Just bring people into a place where they can hear the real Lion roar for Himself.

That's your job, that's all it is!

Simply bring them into a place of personal encounter, where people and their Maker can engage in their own synchronized dance of oneness; in the romance of the ages!

Hey there is such a large history to this union with God we are invited into to come and enjoy!

So, you don't even need to feel uncomfortable, like on your first date, you know.

Ha... ha... ha... no, you have been married for eternity to your Maker, already!

There is no illegitimacy here, like, trying to steal a kiss, while looking over your shoulder to see if you can even get away with it, ha... ha... ha... no!

This is not some kind of illegitimate love-affair with Jesus, some relationship you are having with the Holy Spirit now, which the Father doesn't quite approve of, where you are not really allowed to get intimate you know, and so I'll just wait for eternity, for some future reference date called, “The marriage supper of the Lamb!”

No, come on, that marriage ceremony and celebration; that marriage supper of the Lamb is now; engage with God now!

Engage with Him!

The Father Himself wants to kiss you! In fact the entire Godhead: Father, Son, and Spirit do!

You may kiss back!

If I can get you to do that, if I can get you to respond from the heart and kiss back, then I have done my job as a guide!

Hey listen; God wants to overwhelm you, with Himself, with His love for you!

You have His full attention!

He longs for, and so now, (in the gospel and in your reading of this page), He comes and He awakens yours!

So, precious ones, all that is left for me to say is this: We have come to God's end conclusion of what He came to reveal about us to us in Christ, now AWAKE; engage in your moment, for yourself ...right now!

If you need someone to pray with you, to help make this a reality to you and to help solidify you in your relationship with God, feel free to contact us!