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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

Zoë: A people full of the life and nature of God!

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You see people all around you, the people of this world, are caught up in a season of life, whatever season of life they may be in, but they are caught up and entangled in that season …and their entire mentality in life is just to earn wages and to spend those wages …to earn their wage ...but in the end they are merely living from hand to mouth the whole time ...but we who know God’s grace in truth, we have discovered our lives …we have found ourselves …we have found our lives …our lives are hidden with Christ in God! And therefore we …we are possessed by the Spirit of God, by LOVE Himself! Even as I am writing this, I want to tell you, I am overwhelmed right now …because the word I want to bring you is from God, it is so from the heart of God! So open your heart and receive what God wants to give you in this book. It is His pure word that we speak …it is a mature word. I am writing in the very presence and sight of God, and what I want to be sharing with you on in this book is: the SUKAY (PSUCHE) nature, the SUKAY life, versus the Zoë nature, the Zoë life ...the nature of God …the life of God ...the ZOE life of God …that very life-quality which God wants us to enjoy with Him for all eternity!